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Michael Richards

Community Events

Galactivated Yoga!!

Free Yoga on the Beach

SuperFriends Galactivate! Breathe in the Light and Radiate! Yoga's here to Heal our Lives- Every Day's a Big Surprise! All levels are Welcome! What to bring? A blanket/sheet/towel and something to drink- (I often bring Starfire Water to share-...

Join us for Potluck Picnic & "Knyght Ryder" Band in El Dorado Park West @ 5pm!

Explore Long Beach Meetup

Let's have a potluck picnic at El Dorado Park West on the Corner of Studebaker Rd & Willow St to listen & dance to Knyght Ryder Band! This is a free Summer Concert in the Park. We can meet at the 2 large concrete tables in the park and we can put...

Friday night dodgeball

Orange County/ Long Beach Co-ed Dodgeball

There is another concert in the park so keep that in mind when you try to park. You may need to park in the neighborhood across the way. As always bring water and comfortable workout clothes. Everything else is provided.